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How many Americans have an estate plan?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Estate planning is a fundamental aspect of financial responsibility and peace of mind for individuals and families across America. It involves creating a comprehensive strategy for the distribution of one’s assets, including property, finances and personal belongings, upon their passing.

A well-thought-out estate plan can ensure that people respect someone’s wishes as well as minimize this person’s tax liabilities. So, how many Americans have taken this step in securing their legacies?

The numbers speak volumes

Surprisingly, statistics show that a significant portion of the American population does not have a proper estate plan in place. According to CNBC, approximately 67% of American adults have not drafted a will, which is one of the foundational elements of estate planning. This statistic is concerning, considering the potential consequences of passing away without a will.

The consequences of inaction

When an individual dies without a will, their assets are subject to the intestacy laws of their state. This means that the state will decide how others distribute their assets, which may not align with their wishes. Furthermore, in the absence of clear instructions, family disputes can arise, leading to lengthy and costly legal battles.

An estate plan can help those who worry about what their beneficiaries will get and struggle with fears and worries about the future. Understanding the importance of estate planning and taking action is a key step whether someone has a lot of assets or not. The size of a person’s estate does not matter as much as the methods they take to protect it.