Let’s Work Together To Solve Your Legal Problem

When you are facing a legal issue, nothing is more important than finding a solution.

At Stephen H. Artman, P.A. we understand how stressful these situations can be. Your health, finances, family, and future may be affected.

We will stand by your side and help you resolve your matter in a timely and efficient matter. You don’t have to face this alone.

Real Estate

When buying, selling or transferring land or property, you should consider obtaining the assistance and counsel of a professional Real Estate Attorney. When it is in your best interest to resolve a real estate issue inside or outside the courtroom, we can assist you with settlement negotiations and/or representation in mediation in a effort to save you time, money and unnecessary stress.

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Civil Litigation

Legal disputes can interfere and disrupt your personal lives and business. Having a knowledgeable, committed, experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf can provide you comfort and peace of mind.

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Probate And Estate Administration Services

Transferring property after a loved one’s death can be a long and complicated process. Laws frequently change. Wills may be invalid. And mistakes can easily happen, which can derail the process.

Our lawyers can help you through the probate or estate administration process in Florida. If you encounter a problem during the proceedings, we can help you resolve it.

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Building An Estate Plan

Planning for your future does not have to be a long or dreaded process. Our goal is to help you build an estate plan that works for you and your family. We can help you establish:

A will  |  Trusts  |  Guardianships  |  Powers of attorney  |  and more

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What To Expect When You Work With Us


You will work closely with your attorney throughout the duration of your case


Your goals for the future will always be considered as we help you through the legal process


All of your options will be explored as we learn more about you, your family, and your objectives


The latest technology will be utilized to efficiently complete your case

Give us a call or send us an email today so we can discuss your needs and schedule either a telephone, video or office conference with one of our attorneys or legal staff. We look forward to assisting you.