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How Guardianship Protects The Vulnerable

Some people are unable to care for themselves or protect their own interests. This is why the state establishes legal guardianships. While many people are familiar with guardianships for children, guardianships also provide protective relationships for the intellectually disabled, the infirm and the elderly. Our attorneys can help you explore the benefits of guardianship for your loved one.

The Law Office of Stephen H. Artman P.A., has 25 years of experience helping families across our area with legal issues. Our lawyers are committed to providing our community with comprehensive and compassionate legal care. We understand that you and your family take this issue seriously. We provide you with practical advice during this process. Call our firm at 863-940-0874.

How Guardianship Helps Individuals And Families

Guardianships create a specific legal relationship between a person and their guardian. It creates a legal and financial duty on behalf of the guardian. Guardianships are responsible for the care and well-being of those in their charge. As a guardian, you will be able to:

  • Help manage your loved one’s finances
  • Make medical decisions on your loved one’s behalf
  • Represent your loved one in legal discussions

Your loved one needs support. So do you. Our firm understands your concerns and needs. Florida residents often depend on our firm for help establishing guardianships, especially for those seeking to help their elderly family members. We are ready and able to help you.

Begin Taking Care Of Your Loved Ones

At our Lakeland firm, you will get the help you need. Our attorneys are dedicated to complete legal care. From the moment you walk into our office, our firm will begin helping you identify your needs and create an effective plan for your legal needs. Call the Law Office of Stephen H. Artman P.A., to schedule your initial consultation at 863-940-0874.