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Moving Forward After The Loss Of A Loved One

You are already stressed and emotional. Mourning is a long process. The paperwork and administrative issues that you now must manage can seriously elongate your grief. Fortunately, the lawyers at the Law Office of Stephen H. Artman P.A., are here for you. We provide answers and guidance to your estate administration and probate questions. Most importantly, we treat you with respect and courtesy.

Answering Your Questions With Patience And Understanding

Estate administration is stressful. There is a lot of emotion that goes along with it, from both you and others. If legal issues are involved, the stress increases significantly. You want to do what is right for your loved ones and respect the wishes your lost family member or friend expressed. We help you do this as quickly and accurately as possible.

We help resolve estate administration issues by:

  • Identifying the terms of wills and trusts
  • Helping you plan your next steps and answering your questions
  • Ensuring probate law compliance, including in cases where the decedent leaves no will
  • Establishing your next course of action when legal issues are involved

You are not alone. The law is complex, but we can provide you with the help you need to manage your loved one’s estate. We prioritize your needs so that you can stop focusing on the legal issues and begin moving forward.

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Our firm has more than 25 years of experience with the law. Our practice in Lakeland regularly manages issues and questions surrounding complex estates. For more information on how we can be a resource for you, schedule your initial consultation today.