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Tips for choosing a guardian for a loved one with a disability

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Guardianships |

When someone you love cannot care for themselves due to age or intellectual or physical disabilities, it is essential to have someone in their corner to safeguard their interests.

Choosing a guardian is a crucial task that requires significant forethought. Here are some tips for appointing someone to look after your loved one.

1. Consider your loved one’s wishes

If the person requiring care is of sound mind and able to communicate their wishes, take their opinion into account when considering guardians. The closer the bond between your loved one and their guardian, the more likely the guardian is to make decisions in the ward’s best interests.

2. Evaluate their needs

You should also evaluate what your loved one needs when looking for a suitable candidate. For example, if they require a high level of care or ample one-on-one time, their guardian should be able and willing to accommodate those needs.

3. Examine the potential candidate’s fitness for the role

Asking several questions can help you determine a potential candidate’s fitness for the role of guardian. Are they in good health? Do they know how to manage their own affairs responsibly and effectively? Do they have the time, money and patience to devote to your loved one’s care?  Additionally, a person convicted of a felony is not eligible to be a guardian in Florida, so keep that in mind when weighing candidates.

Selecting a guardian for someone you care about is challenging but vital. Remember these tips as you begin the guardianship process.