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5 things to know when in a dispute with your neighbor over property lines

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Estate Planning, Real Estate Litigation, Real Estate Transactions |

Homeownership is a joy. Despite this, there is the potential for trouble. As one example, you could wind up in an argument over property lines with your next-door neighbor.

Squashing these conflicts is often easier said than done. Here are five recommendations worth knowing when embroiled in a property line battle.

1. Remain cordial

Allowing anger to consume you will only complicate the situation. A much better course of action is assuming a calm demeanor. Develop strategies for quelling feelings of ire.

2. Hire surveyors

Instead of bickering, contact an outside company to hand you a decision. Surveyors use professional techniques to come up with impartial determinations. The cost could run over $600, yet it is still better than hospital bills from a physical altercation.

3. Check laws

The rules on property lines vary by state. Cities also sometimes have ordinances that affect these situations. Do some research. There may be measures surrounding your conflict that alter your perspective.

4. Hire a mediator

It is quicker and easier to resolve property feuds without heading to court. A mediator easing communication between both parties can help make this possible. Find one by visiting your local courthouse.

5. Send a letter

It may be impossible to resolve the disagreement without the threat of a lawsuit. Send an official notification that warns of legal action. This prospect might spur a more conciliatory stance.

Property disputes are unpleasant, but they do not need to escalate. Moreover, peace is possible when you understand neighborhood harmony makes for happier living.